News Hot Off the Shelf
Apr. 19 - 26th

Do you need a mask??


I had a call from Rosemarie Griffin this week saying that they are working all out to provide for the front line workers in this crisis. Therefore they cannot provide masks for the general public.

I wanted to pass on the information of a company that is making the masks and is selling to the general public.

Alex at Thompson  Tailors up in Sahali Mall. He is just inside the doors by where the Safeway was. He also does alterations and sewing.

250 682-2084

$7.00 per mask of which 100% donated to RIH Foundation.

Thank you so much Alex for your community giving! You are amazing!

PS> I do not have the Wonder woman fabric but sure wish I did!!!


Do you still have some quilting quality 100% cotton in your stash that needs to go to a new home? How about 1/4" elastic or double fold bias tape?

The Sew for the Curve program is in search of more 100% cotton fabrics to use in face masks, scrub hats and gowns. If you are in the mood to purge that sewing room out now is the time.

You can drop off at Rosemarie Griffins house 545 McGowan Ave. on the North Shore or give her a call  if you have any questions 250-554-3314

Do you have loads of batting pieces?


After you've been quilting a while, you usually end up with some odd shaped scraps of batting, that aren't really big enough to do anything with. What you can do, if you want to use things up, is you can piece the batting.

One little note from Bill and I: there is a right side and a wrong side to your batting! One side will have pimples - raised bumps - and the other side won't - those are dimples. Try to piece them all the same. As in all the dimples on one side. This helps to keep the batting from tufting through.

The important thing to remember, when you're piece batting, is you don't want to overlap it, or you don't make a seam. You want to butt them together. You don't want any extra lumps, or bulges. You don't want to layer them. Just nice, and tightly together.

Set your machine to a zigzag stitch. Put the presser foot down, and just make sure your stitches are falling on either side of your seam line.

So, there you have a nice piece of seamed batting.

Now the easy in my way:

There's another way you can piece batting, that doesn't involved the sewing machine. There's a wonderful new product, Heat Press Batting, and, all you do is, put your two pieces of batting together, once again, but it together. Cut a piece of the tape, the size that you need for your batting, and just press.

So, yes, there is a way you can re-use your batting scraps. Heat activated tape, or zigzag sewing on the machine. Either way, it's a great way to reuse your scraps.


Teapot Sampler

  teapot sampler pattern BOM

We have the Teapot Sampler BOM ready to go! I had so much fun making this one as I love the colours and the pattern is gorgeous!

Cost of the 9 month program is $27.99 per month plus the pattern. This one is rated as a confident beginner with basic piecing and applique needed.

Give me a call at 250-376-7630 to sign up for the program.


Strut Your Stuff!


This is very sad for me, but I have no pictures of quilts that you have quilted in the shop. I really miss that part of the newsletter so much.

That being said I now have a request. Could you send me pictures in a JPeg of your projects you have made during this isolation time? I would love to post them for everyone to see to inspire and motivate.

You can send it to me in an email :

Thank you in advance!