News Hot Off the Shelf
Apr. 26 - May 3rd

A huge thank you to all of you!


Thank you to all of you for sending in your photos of your projects you have been working on. There are so many that I am only posting quilt pictures on this email out. Look for a newsletter during the week with quilt news, free patterns, latest fabrics and more!

Keep sending photos in and let's keep this quilt show going!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for supporting your local small businesses. These are challenging times and we are having to make changes on the fly.

Shipments are delayed or not happening at all. The warehouses are understaffed. The paperwork is growing at warp speed for everything we need to get done.

But you know what is amazing? All of you are just so incredible, that you would take the time to support the small businesses in your area. I can only say thank you, but it doesn't seem like enough. Keep smiling and keep on looking for the bright spots in each and every day!

We are open to phone orders, online orders as well you can come in to shop but limited people in the shop. We do sanitize every thing several times a day .
Again....thank you for supporting all of the small businesses. We do appreciate it all very much!


Bev Murray

Bev Murray  

I had asked for photos of project you are working on during this weird time at home with your UFO's calling your name.

Bev Murray sent in a photo of her very first paper pieced project she did last summer and just recently finished.

Pattern is by Quiltworx and is called Eight. That is because it has 8 leaves. You have no idea how long it took for me to connect those dots!

Congratulations Bev on an awesome project!


Sheila Nystoruk


Sheila Nystoruk did this fantastic project over the weekend. Sheila changed up a few of the colours but did a fabulous job on this one. By the way she is keeping it....she just loves it so much!

Pattern is called Pioneer View by Joni Newman of Quirks and Quilts Pattern company. Joni designed the project from looking towards Mt Peter and Mt Paul from Pioneer Beach here in Kamloops. How cool is that?

Thank you to Sheila for sharing!


Karen Pokrant


After asking for pictures of your projects Karen Pokrant wrote to us with this picture attached. Isn't it just gorgeous? thank you to Karen for your kind words and the picture!

This past summer while spending time with family in Logan Lake, I had the pleasure of visiting your quilt boutique.  It felt warm and friendly on a very rainy day from the moment we stepped in.  After finding a number of treasures that I was sure I could make room for in my suitcase, I met Bill at your longarm.  We began talking about ‘glide’ thread.  He introduced me to the color prickly pear.  I ordered a spool which turned into ordering 2 spools.  I am so grateful for the tip, I am a beginner quilter and longarmer- my quilting journey started 18 months ago.  I have completed 3 quilts with prickly pear.  Many thanks for the great advice.  I can’t wait to visit your store on our next trip to the Kamloops area.  This is 1 of the quilts I created using prickly pear- a gift for my nephew and his bride to be.  Sadly their wedding has had to be postponed due to Covid 19.  

Many warm regards, 

Karen from Winnipeg


Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell sent in a photo of her very first art quilt. My jaw rather dropped to the floor when I saw it! It is stunning! The binding was a challenge as the colours would work for part of the quilt but not all. In the end Margaret decided to change the colour of the binding going around the quilt. I have attached her message to us as the info is just so interesting!

Well I finished the window panel and Jim eventually hung it yesterday!

I realize now, seeing it hanging in the window with light behind it, I should have trimmed each fabric to the contour of the one behind it rather than cutting them off straight across, as I’ve lost some definition of the shapes.... I think I could also have added more sky and mountains and less fields.... but it is what it is... it blocks the glare and heat of sun in this west facing window.. and it looks great at night!! 

I love how the bulrushes and pond turned out! You can’t see the pond fabric clearly but it has little fish all over it! 

It was a great fun project and not too bad for a first attempt at scenic fabric art! 


Linda Barry

  Linda Barry

Linda Barry sent in a photo of her Pirate quilt she made. This was from a kit she purchased at our shop. the kit had the applique only, so she had to find her own background fabrics. Excellent choices Linda! Here is her message: 

I wanted to share a kit I just completed(purchased from your shop).

It is for  my granddaughters’ 2nd birthday. It took quite a while to complete, with all the appliqué, then stitching the raw edge. I think it turned out well, I haven’t done much appliqué, so it was a challenge.


Leslie Ford


Okay....this one is a jaw dropper! This one was sent in by Leslie Ford and is just stunning! She didn't send the size of the quilt, so Leslie if you see this I would love the size and names of your quilts. Yes she sent in photos of 3 quilts! And I have managed 2 placemats....without binding on yet! Sheesh!

Check out the next ones as well. They are also by Leslie!




Leslie ford 3  


Gina Barrett


Gina Barrett sent in this photo her latest project. Gina is a fan of the traditional fabrics with deep saturated colours. This project was a learning curve for her. Read her comment she sent in to us below:

I finished this one a couple of weeks ago. I believe it is Kim Diehl’s Scattered Garden design. After ripping apart my first attempt with the Center white squares, I was much happier with the results ! This is my first time with paper piecing appliqué. I must say I will try it again, I enjoyed it very much. 


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Christine  Drewe sent in this photo her latest masterpiece! She has used Kaffe Fassett fabrics and also sent a photo with the book she chose. Christine quilted this one herself as well on her APQS long arm. She is working her way to becoming a master at it!
Here is what she had to say:

Hi Heather, this is a Kaffe Fassett medallion quilt that I recently finished and quilted on my APQS Lucey with the cloud nine pantograph. It’s all KF fabric.

Thank you to Christine for sharing with us all. Love love love the colours and pattern of this one!




Ann Peterson


Ann Peterson sent in this photo and short bio of the quilt. She did an amazing job on her choices of colours and pattern! Here is what she had to say about his project:

My isolation project.

Hi my name is Ann Peterson and this is the first quilt I’ve ever shown off like this.

I started this at the beginning of Pandemic Isolation so it took me 5 weeks. Prior to this I’ve only ever done 5 quilts.

Luckily I had purchased lots of fabric and had taken lots of photos over the years, so I just had to sketch out the pattern and get started. I have a fairly basic Singer and when it comes to the quilting, I am a fan of “stitching in the ditch”. I felt the black was necessary to break up all that colour, but I feel it sets it off well.

Thank you to Anne for showing us your talent!


Debbie Mason


Debbie Mason sent in these two photos of her knitting tote bag she has made. Love the Aftrican themed fabrics. Can't you just picture it filled to overflowing with yummy coloured balls of wool? Just beautiful Debbie!
Here is her message to us:

I am responding to your request for what have I done while in lock down. I made a bag for my daughters birthday.

The outside fabric was quilted by our own Miss Lori Dewart. I put the rest together.  I am also saying goodbye to you two. The moving van rolls out May 4 to Maple Creek SK.  It's been fun knowing you and working the quilt shows. Not being able to have one this year is actually a blessing in disguise you didn't have to plan then cancel. Stay happy, stay healthy and stay safe. See you when I come back for a visit.

Thank you for sharing and take a look at the next photo of the bag not opened. Personally I still want to see it filled with balls of wool! LOL