News Hot Off the Shelf
May 17 - 24th
We  are closed this Monday, May 18


Yes....we are open!


We are open for business from Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. Except this Monday because of the holiday.

We are open with limited numbers in the shop at a time. I would like to keep the number to no more than 6. If you need to come in on your own, give me a call and we will set a time.

Wearing a mask is at your choice at this time but may change so if you have a mask, I would advise you to carry it with you. New rules all the time coming from the government. Bill and I really appreciate your cooperation in all this chaos.

The fabrics are trickling in and it is just lovely. The poor delivery fellow, just a young one, seems a bit startled at the enthusiasm he is greeted with. We have stocked up on our whites and some focus prints. More about that later...


Sandra Sugden


Sandra Sugden was in to show a few of her items she has made while being holed up at home. I know she brought in more but I will be darned if I can find the pictures. When I do I will post them for you all.

These 2 items are miniatures from kits using Kim Diehl fabrics. You would think a smaller item would be easier to make but not always. There are a lot of pieces in each of these items and it requires very accurate cutting and pressing.

Beautiful work Sandra and thank you for sharing with us all.


Hector and Tammy are coming!

sewing machine repair  

Hector and Tammy are coming this Thursday May 21st to service your machine!

If you have a machine that could use some servicing let us know.  You will get your machine back that day unless there is a part that needs to be ordered in.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support this great couple and their business.
Give us a call at 250-376-7630 to reserve your spot.


Anne Hall has hit the Big Time!!


I have been so excited for Anne ever since she called yesterday to tell me the news.

Anne pulled on her big girl panties, contacted Quiltworx [Judy Neimeyer] and then contacted In the Beginning Fabrics and offered to liaison between the two.

They both jumped at the opportunity and now Anne is making a quilt designed from Quiltworx with In the Beginning Fabrics.

I can't show you the finished quilt but I can show you the fabric being used. The quilt will then be shown at Market this fall and then .....we may get to hang it in our shop!!!!!

Anne I am so proud of you and this huge accomplishment! We will be face timing with a celebratory  glass of wine this weekend for sure!

Anne doesn't seem to think it is all that special so I am asking everyone to send her an email or facebook celebratory thumbs up! Her email is ´╗┐


Brenda Bliss


Brenda Bliss was in to quilt these 2 gorgeous quilts she has made. The one on the right is all Northcott fabrics from the Shimmer line which of course, I love! It is all with touches of silver metallic.

The one on  the left is from a panel. Brenda used a free pattern from our shop and it just turned out stunning! She was struggling a bit with the colors but we found the perfect ones to really set it off!

We are now renting the machine out hourly for you to quilt your quilts, with safety protocol in place. You need an appointment so give us a call at 250-376-7630.

Awesome projects Brenda and thank you for showing us all your work!


Drina Latrace


Drina Latrace was in to quilt her lovely baby boy quilt. The line of fabric is called Teddy's Adventures by In the Beginning Fabrics and has a bit of a vintage feel. Love it!

Drina must be getting close to using all of the fabrics up. She originally bought the kit but had enough left over to get part of the next one done. Well, you know what happens then. You keep buying fabric to complete the next one but then have more left over. This is how we end up with stashes...LOL

Well done Drina and thank you for sharing your day with us.


Anne Hall and Heather have joined again to offer a quilting cruise next fall. Of course it will be contingent on the Covid situation but I am thinking positive and in the meantime I can have tons of fun planning new outfits and new projects! More about projects coming in the next newsletter!


Dragons by In the Beginning


Look at the panel that just came in! In the Beginning fabrics always have such amazing saturation of colour in their fabrics.

I have the border print and the flame fabrics. You can check them out in the shop or online at


Vintage Boardwalk


Kimberbell has designed a darling line of fabrics called "Vintage Boardwalk" that is now in the shop. This is just so cute with a fairly large line so you are sure to find something!

Check them out in the shop or online at


Silly Moon Rulers


The rulers from Silly Moon company have arrived so if you are interested please give us a call. I don't have them into the computer yet, but going as fast as I can so should have them up shortly.

If you had registered for a class that had to be cancelled I will try to get to everyone this week. You will have the option of a refund, a store credit or a credit towards the rulers. Kellie is going to have the tutorial videos up by the end of May at the latest. I will announce when I have firm date.

Thank you to everyone who was enrolled in the class for your patience while we wade our way through all this.