News Hot Off the Shelf
June 7 -14

Sandra Sugden

sandra sugden birds  

Sandra Sugden was kind enough to help me out on my technical faux pas in last weeks newletter. Somehow I managed to lose two of the photos of her quilts she has recently made.

First up we have her gorgeous quilt made from a panel with Cardinal birds on it. She very cleverly used Attic window blocks to frame it and the effect is just stunning!

Thank you to Sandra for coming to my aid in my time of technical issues. This could possibly happen again. Just saying......

Thank you to Sandra for showing us all a great way to use a panel in a quilt!


Sandra Sugden #2


This is a photo of the quilt from the faux pas #2 of last weeks newsletter. This quilt just is incredible for her use of colour and light. It looks like a painting by the Group of Seven!

Pattern by Joni Newman of Quirks and Quilts. We have patterns and kit in the shop so you can come on in to see or check out on line at


Kat Grigg

  kat grigg

Kat Grigg was in to show us her lovely little baby quilt. Hard to see in the photo but the strips of white fabric actually have little clowns on them and are so cute.

Kat pieced and quilted the quilt herself and did a gorgeous job of it! She is donating this quilt over to the Pregnancy Care Center.

Thank you to Kat for sharing with us all and your generosity in giving to the community!


Yes....we are open!


We are open for business from Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

We are open with limited numbers in the shop at a time. I would like to keep the number to no more than 8. If you need to come in on your own, give me a call and we will set a time.

Wearing a mask is at your choice at this time but may change so if you have a mask, I would advise you to carry it with you. New rules all the time coming from the government. Bill and I really appreciate your cooperation in all this chaos.

New stock is slowly trickling in, but the warehouses are running behind as well. I personally think it would be very easy to assemble a large group of quilters all in their own vehicles and we could drive there and have them toss the bolts into the back seats and trunks. Now that would be the ultimate Quilter's Road Trip!!


Anne Hall and Heather have joined again to offer a quilting cruise next fall. Of course it will be contingent on the Covid situation but I am thinking positive and in the meantime I can have tons of fun planning new outfits and new projects! More about projects coming in the next newsletter!

Hawaii 2021 postcard ad page 1

Marcia and Earl Skaarup

  marcia skaarup

Earl and Marcia were in to quilt this monster of a quilt last week. This one is a gift for a grandson and is amazing! Marcia you have so much grit to stick with this one. I would have gone batty on the layout and yet you nailed it! 

I love when these two come in as they really do work as a team. I would also like to comment on Earl and Marcia's haircuts as they just look great! 

Thank you to the Skaarups for coming in and sharing with us all.


Brenda Bliss


Brenda Bliss was in to long arm quilt her gorgeous quilt she made for her grandson. she paid very close attention to make sure that it would be the same size as the other grandson. I think we can all relate to that!

Brenda added the small border above and below the panel just to make it look even better! Using Glide thread and a simple panto she really brought this one to life!

Thank you to Brenda for sharing with us all.


Jan Manke


Jan Manke stopped in the other day to long arm quilt her adorable little baby quilt. In less than an hour she had it quilted and off the frame! How is that for efficiency? At the hour rate of $30 and all the help you need loading and unloading that is pretty darn cool!

Lori was the helper that day and these two just got on like a house on fire! Was so much fun to see. 

Thank you to Jan for finishing our day with all the smiles!


Robyn Sheils


You know your store is getting back to normal when Robyn Sheils starts coming in to long arm quilt some quilts. Robyn came in to long arm this beauty of a log cabin quilt. 

A very traditional pattern but it looks so good updated in todays colours and layout. The crisp white really makes the blocks pop up. 

Thank you to Robyn for coming in and giving us a sense of normalcy. Also she is one of the most photogenic people I know so I love taking her photo. Almost makes me look like I know what I am doing with the camera!


Diana Hewins


Speaking of slowly getting back to some form of we have Diana Hewins in to quilt 2 quilts today! Diana is quite a pro star on the long arm and makes our job a breeze!  

The photo is a bit blurry but trust me her quilt is gorgeous! the panto she chose is teddy bears all over and is so sweet. Using Glide thread and a fabulous panto gave her stunning results!

The second photo is her 54" square Pin Wheel quilt done in bright Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Kaffe fabrics are really her favourite so it was wonderful to see everything so normal again!

Thank you to Diana for coming today as we just love it when you come in. Just think when we get to hug and all that good stuff!




New Fabrics are now in the building!


We are finally starting to see the trucks arrive with fabrics! This is all extremely exciting with much oohing and ahhing going on with perhaps some serious fondling of the fabrics as well.

I am sure the delivery driver is just amazed at the warm welcome he receives. Take a gander at some of the fabrics I have up on the newsletter and then check them out in store or online at

First up we have a line [ this means I could not choose any one colour so had to get them all ] called The Art of Marbling. 

Next up we have Got the Blues also by Northcott. This we have 3 bolts and they are moving fast for masks, bags and more.

Lastly we have Morning Glory panel and coordinates. Hummingbirds are always popular and the colours are just fabulous in the fabric line. 

Check these out and all the other new goodies on our web site at







Garden Tool Bag


It seems like gardening is the new hobby out there during this time at home. When I saw this garden tote bag I thought it might be just perfect for some of you.

This is a free download from Northcott. Check it out at


The Sad Case of Rising Costs


Due to increase costs in running our long arm program we are sadly forced  to raise the price a little itty bitty bit.
Effective July 1st , long arm  rental will no longer include thread  at no charge. There will be a $5 charge for using our thread. You can bring bring your own Glide thread if you like. 
We are working hard to keep the cost down as much as possible. This is just so hard for me to do and I hope you all can understand what we are up against. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now I am ready to have a bit of a cry.