News Hot Off the Shelf
Sept. 22 - 29th

Meet Your Neighbour


This week I would like to introduce you to Geri Auger. Geri is one of the nicest quilters you could ever want to meet. She is so willing to help out anywhere she can, we just love her!

Geri was born in St. Thomas, Ontario. She grew up in St. Thomas and London, Ontario. After graduation she started work in an automotive Dealership in the Accounting Department. From there she worked in the offices of a Chiropractor, Podiatrist, drove a fork lift for a Automotive company. She did explain what all that entailed but I am having a problem understanding my notes....let it just be said that she drove a Cross Dock for Cami Automotive who makes the Equinox. Her very words!

Geri then went to work for Joyce's Quilt Shop selling sewing machines and teaching a class called "Know your Machine". This is where Geri started to get interested in quilting and all that it entailed. Since then she has moved to Kamloops, working for her brother at Kamloops Denture and Implants Center. Looking to socialize with other like minded people, she joined the Sagebrush Guild and is an active member.

Geri is a newer quilter, only having been involved for about 6 years in the industry of quilting. She has gone at warp speed, learning to piece, quilt and bind the quilt. Geri has quilted many of her own projects on her machine at home, but now finds it easier to use our long arm to get the larger projects done.

When I asked her what her favourite part of quilting is she said the piecing is so much fun, but the quilting of the quilt is truly where her passion is. I have the distinct impression we will be seeing more of Geri! This is a good thing!

Thank you to Geri for sharing your story with us!


Vernon Quilt Show


Interested in going to Vernon for the Saturday Sept. 28th to see the quilt show? The Cotton Pickers Guild has a bus going down and have room for more people. You do not have to be a member of the Guild!!

Date: Saturday, Sept. 28th
Time: 8:30 -5:00
Cost: $30.00
Price does NOT include admission to show which is $7.00.
To make a reservation please contact Mel Swanson 250-819-5323
or email her at

Please note: All seats must be prepaid by Thursday September 26th.


APQS Lenni on sale!

lennie apqs 

Our fun and affordable Lenni is on sale for only $9,300. That is a $2,000 discount!Prices are in USD.

With Lenni, we have transferred our Millie know-how to a smaller quilting machine. It is the essence of APQS in its simplest, purest form – a fun and affordable longarm. Everything is designed, engineered and crafted to be approachable, inviting and simple to use.

All APQS machines come with a lifetime warranty. Our very own Bill will assist you in set up and beginner course. With ongoing support and help on all your maintenance and repairs needed, Bill is your fellow to call! He is the only certified technician in BC! Yep....this girl is just a wee bit spoiled and even more proud!

Don't forget to add a Bliss Track System for only $1,000. The Bliss allows the machine to move so much smoother and even easier!

A $500 fully refundable deposit will hold your machine for you.
Give us a call at 250-376-7630.
Check it out on line at


Legacy of Quilts X

  Vernon quilt show

Quilt Show in Vernon is coming September 27 and 28th.

Venue: Vernon Recreation Centre
3310 37th Ave.

Friday hours: 10am - 7pm
Saturday hours : 10am - 4pm
Admission $7.00

Bill will be there with APQS Millie to show along with Cindy Shellenberg of Kelowna. Make sure you stop by and say hi! Also check to see that he is behaving. You may report back to me if you like.....LOL

Bill and Cindy will have accessories for the APQS long arm machines as well as special pricing!


Denim and Leather


We still have a few openings for the Denim and Leather BOM. You can choose to purchase your blocks by the month or purchase the entire kit at one time.

Each month is $39.99 and if you choose to purchase the entire kit at one time the cost is $279.99.

I loved this quilt as it works for male and female, young and old, weddings, graduations and more. Fabrics and design by Wilmington Prints.

Give us a call at 250-376-7630 or come on in to sign up.


Dianne Fisher


Diane Fisher was in this week to learn all about long arm quilting from Bill. She did a great job on her quilt that has the most amazing fabric colours! I was really taken with some of her purples.

A couple of places she had a bit of excess fabric, but with a quick spray of Mary Ellen and ..... Bob's your Uncle! All solved and you can't even tell! Love that Mary Ellen Starch Alternative. It just takes any ripples, waves in the border or fold marks out right away! Just a note: It does not work on your thighs. LOL

Thanks to Dianne for spending your day with us!


Bill and Vall Bissat


Bill and Val Bissat were also in this week to quilt up two of their quilts. These two are down from the Cariboo and are so much fun to visit with.

Bill and Val always work as a team. Val quilts from the back of the machine guiding the stitching while Bill works from the front of the machine tying the threads off, stitching across the top and down the sides. I am going to video these two the next time because I just love the way these two have found a way for them both to be involved in quilting. Pretty darn cool!

Thank you to Bill and Val for a great day spent with us!



Hector and Tammy are coming!

  sewing machine repair

Hector and Tammy Symes will be here this Thursday September 26th to repair and service sewing machines. If you have a machine that would like some pampering give us a call : 250-376-7630.


Your favorite longarm contest is back!


APQS is excited to give away another Millie longarm quilting system this fall to a randomly-selected winner. Want that winner to be you? Enter daily for your chance to win the following quilt-alicious package:

The selection process (drum roll, please)

We will select a grand prize winner at random on December 13, 2019 (after 5 p.m. CST). The winner will be notified via phone or email. Enter once a day for your chance to win.

There is no purchase necessary to enter or participate. Registration is open worldwide. Registration period ends at 5 p.m. CST on December 13, 2019.  Must be 18 years of age to win.

Monthly gift basket winners

In September, October and November one lucky entrant will receive an APQS Quilting Gift Basket full of thread, patterns and other great APQS goodies.

Click on the link for the entry...every day but only once a day:


Making Spirits Bright


"Making Spirits Bright" by McKenna Ryan kits are in the shop!!!

I just may have taken one home for me to pet and fondle!! Finishing at 16" x 40" this is a super easy size to manage. No joining on the Backing.....Yeah!!

Hoffman Batiks make this project just gorgeous!

Priced at $84.99. Check it out in the shop or on line at:


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